Output options

-header string

Header name for the simulated files. The default name is sim.
For example,

-header study

The simulated files will be named as study.map, study1.ped, study1.phe...

-folder string

Folder name for storing the simulated files. The default name is sim.
For example,

-folder test

The folder named test will be created under the same directory you are running SeqSIMLA. All of the simulated files will be placed in the folder.

-batch integer

The number of simulated replicates that will be generated.
For example,

-batch 5000

5000 replicates of ped and phe files will be generated.

-fam number

he number of default families that will be simulated in a replicate. SeqSIMLA can generate a three generation family structure as the default family structure.
The family structure is:

Individual 7 will be used as a proband.
For example,

-fam 500

500 families with the same structure shown in the figure above will be simulated in each replicate, where at least individual 7 is affected.

-cc number,number

The numbers of cases and controls that will be simulated. The first number is for cases and the second number is for controls.
For example,

-cc 1000,2000

1000 cases and 2000 controls will be generated in each replicate.