Run the Program

SeqSIMLA can be launched by typing SeqSIMLA <options>

To get a quick overview of all options available in SeqSIMLA, type
SeqSIMLA --h
SeqSIMLA --help

If you are new to SeqSIMLA, you are strongly encouraged to try the command line user interface by typing
SeqSIMLA --ui

The UI will generate a command line for running SeqSIMLA. Simply execute SeqSIMLA again using the command line to start the simulations.

Run Online

We provide a web service that registered user can run SeqSIMLA online.

Please follow these steps to start your online job:
  1. Sign up as SeqSIMLA user.
  2. Upload your data to your SeqSIMLA ftp space.
  3. Go to Generate Command page and start your SeqSIMLA job.
  4. After job is done, go to your ftp space to download the result.
If you are not familiar with accessing ftp space, please read our ftp guide.
Note:Data in our ftp server will be deleted after 30 days unless you move it to public folder.